Going Back To The Pit

Before Or After The Apocalypse?

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Echoes; R; Dean + Sam, gen
Marvel Clint/Kate shoulder shooting
geckoholic wrote in apocalypse_hell
Title: Echoes
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: Dean, Sam
Word Count: 14391
Summary: They've come to Chicago for a simple monster hunt, but when they run into a demon moonlighting as serial killer it's Dean who becomes the target. After all, they've got an experience in common: Hell. - Set in Season 4, between 4.08 and 4.09 and written for spn_cinema, based on the movie Se7en.

Sam gets out of the car, mumbles something along the lines of "I'll check us in" and strides up to the motel's office without looking back. It leaves Dean with a sudden pang of guilt, but pissed Sam is easier to deal with than touchy-feely Sam and if he's really as damaged as Sam thinks? Then he's got every right to lash out once in a while.


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