Going Back To The Pit

Before Or After The Apocalypse?

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alastair dean
tifaching wrote in apocalypse_hell

Title: Banquet
For   spn_30snapshots  Theme 1: Elemental  Prompt 9: hunger
Table: Survival Is All There Is 
Characters:  Dean, Alastair
Category: Gen
Summary:  Alastair's throwing a dinner party and Dean's on the menu.  Actually, Dean is the menu.
Word count:  694
Disclaimer:  Not mine, Kripke owns all.
Warnings:  IDEK about this one, people.  Implied impending non-con.  Flesh eating. 


Demons are insatiable, their hunger never satisfied, but Alastair doesn’t consider this to be a problem. In Hell there’s always more than enough to go around. )


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